“Nah Another Day”

“Nah Another Day” follows an individual, who like many, decides to take up a start on becoming a fitter and healthier person. One night he reads up on health advice, workout routines and diet plans, and takes it upon himself to start his fitness journey the following day. With an early wake up, he prepares himself to go for a morning run; the first workout of a healthy lifestyle. The person walks out his front door, then stands and contemplates. The film then cuts straight to him lying down in his couch, on his playstation, eating junk food and ends.

The theme ‘Rebel’ is highlighted in this video through the man’s actions at the very end which contradicts what happens before it. The lead up to the conclusion suggests he has grasped a new focus on living a healthy lifestyle; he researches, makes a plan for his first day, wakes up early, puts on his workout gear, and walks out the front door. However, all this preparation and focus would instantly be eliminated as the man decides to go back inside, turn on his playstation and eat junk food.

Many of us have been in this exact position, not only in fitness, but in many other aspects such as study, working, house chores and other commitments. We have talked and mentally prepared to do something, but when it’s time for talk to become action, there’s always the “Nah another day” option that we are able to fall on, and a lot of the time never end up going through with it. Taking this option is a form of rebellion, that we don’t even really notice.

The music I used in this work is an instrumental of a song I wrote called ‘Heaven Sent’. Simply got my producer to mute the vocals and send me the instrumental.

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