Meet The Locals (Podcast Excerpt)

In this podcast/radio type of approach in the audio platform, the theme of rebel is presented not in a way where what is discussed or recounted is a story of rebellion, but the person being interviewed, is partaking in a rebellious manner. He does not at any point in the 1 minute excerpt give the interviewer an answer that he wants, or adhere to the typical function of the interview. The interviewee doesn’t present a name, doesn’t give an age, and just doesn’t give any answers that would allow the interviewer to get what they want.

The two voices I edited to match the typical sound of a radio/podcast. The presenter is very clear while the interviewee (who is on the phone) is a little bit muffled. I added intro music to lead into the interview. One thing I did which isn’t generally in live podcasts are sound effects which come at comedic parts. These are usually included in sitcoms, however I felt it would add to the interview. I started and ended the podcast with a piece of music which you hear generically in the beginning and ends of podcasts.

The influences for this work are simply interviews you’d see online where the interviewee answers in a comedic manner to antagonise the interviewer. One specific example is this:




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