Month: March 2017

MEDA 201 Experimental Film Project

My film which I have constructed out of just 8 seconds of film was inspired by Paul Bush’s work “The Albatross” through his use of the scratching technique, a component heavily used in my project. My project explores the theme of rhythm through it’s frantic movement which never truly establishes a set rhythm, and this was done through detailed editing. One moment the pace would be fast and then before a viewer could adjust to it the rhythm shifts into a different pace. The frantic movement is not only utilised to explore rhythm, but to also imitate the movement of electricity.

BCM212 Proposal


Primary Question: What are the popular attitudes towards local live music and how it effects the artists and local live music scene.

As local live music is a presence which in many ways are both growing and declining, I would like to discover what are the popular attitudes which people within the age 16-21 hold towards attending local live shows. As I myself have had experience being in bands who played small local shows, having both great shows and not so great shows, this topic holds importance to me and would allow me to gain a greater understanding on the wellbeing of local music which would as a result not only help me and any music I may look to ever involve myself in, but also for my friends who are already in bands who also look to see the current state of local music.

The method I would use for this project is to create a questionnaire with straight forward questions that aren’t too specific like “How many local shows have you been to?”, with the options of “1, 2, 3, 4 or 5+”. After creating the questionnaire I would share it on every social media platform I use. Through sharing it on my social media I can at least get a dozen of people to answer the questions, but I will also be specific through messaging a range of friends from different areas, different music tastes, and different lifestyles so I can get a more clear understanding of the popular attitudes.

Through discovering what are the popular attitudes of youth today in regards to attending local live music, I look to see the effects these attitudes would have on local artists who spend a lot of money on their gear, transport, merchandise and recording music. This research project I feel perfectly plays into the two qualities of curiosity and reflexivity as I look to discover the current state of local music through asking the questions to give me knowledge, and applying this knowledge to go about how I would both handle helping my mate’s band’s gain attention in our local scene, and how I would go about with my own music.