AI and Police (Project Proposal-Ryan Catbagan)

After looking at the possible topics in the subject blog which I can research, I knew immediately that I wanted to research a topic to do with artificial intelligence or robots as I’ve always had an interest in the idea of artificial intelligence. I thought of different topics within Artificial Intelligence to research such as how they could function to help or destroy society, or if the treatment of Artificial Intelligence should or should not be the same as with human rights and laws, or if Artificial intelligence could overpower human capabilities to the point where they are able to take over. Whilst these topics all interest me, I feel a very specific area of the presence of Artificial Intelligence I would find interesting in exploring is how they could be used for the police. Could integrating Artificial Intelligence and advanced technology to the highest extent with the police make the police force an invincible force? And would it be a step forward or step backward for society and the justice system?


We’ve seen in many crime films and television shows like CSI how investigators utilise “State of the art” technology to catch each episode’s murderer, sometimes through ways which just seem a bit too convenient, but then again it’s just a TV show. Audiences believing the existence of these types of technology is the result of the ‘CSI Effect’. Such examples of these myths are how a fingerprint scan will lead to the computer to just bring up the suspect’s drivers license, how DNA scans takes a few hours, and the idea that EVERYONE is in the DNA database. But despite the idea of these technological advancements being made, I want to look at more highly advanced technology which walks the line of “Beyond imagination” but realistic enough to be actual technology in a dystopic future, which would make the police an unstoppable force.


Some of the main ideas include:

  • Artificial intelligence integrated into current technology- AI systems built in police cars rather than computers, use of AI in interrogations where it is programmed to ‘break the suspect into confession’ or can analyse where they are telling the truth or not, AI which can locate whereabouts and more.
  • Technologies which can scan every inch of a entire crime scene and creates conclusions and assist to the solving of crimes
  • Advanced technology which can extract information from minds when interrogations come to a stand still. (Like in the episode White Christmas in Black Mirror)
  • Body cameras which have technology such as facial recognition, or can act in itself such as to pepper
  • Creation of police robots with the perfect skill set in every situation which works above and beyond human instinct.


A large aspect I want to research in this project is of artificial intelligence. I’m talking about the artificial intelligence you see in the movies, the ones where it is almost or more than human, and how this could put any police work and crime solving in a situation where it can never be wrong. I would look into the most popular films which include AI such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Her and more. I would analyse the pros and cons, and what tends to occur in these movies, and imagine situations wherein AI would act in police duty.


  • Could AI built into police cars drive the cars themselves without permission?
  • Could AI create its own agendas which goes against its programming to assist in crime.
  • Could AI gain sympathy or empathy in the field of work
  • Could the lack of sympathy or empathy of AI affect outcomes


On top of the integration of AI, I would also look into futuristic technology which can perfectly solve any crime. I would research many films which utilises any technology that seem too far to reach in today’s age, and analyse how they can be used to create “Perfect Police Work” along with AI.


A fun idea which I want to explore is if there was development of robots designed to be perfect police officers. There are many films and texts throughout the 20th and 21st Century which have robots, mostly all portrayed by human actors, and each having their own unique features and attributes. But a common motive you could observe these robots holding is either to protect or to kill. You would find this specifically in The Terminator 2. It goes without saying that, if there was robots created to fight crime, there would certainly be robots created to commit them. Same as if there was technology created to solve crimes, there would be technologies created to get away with crime. In Terminator 2, Arnold Schwarzanegger’s mission is to protect John Connor from a Terminator who has a mission to kill him. Therefore there is complications with this idea. The film RoboCop introduces the idea of robots serving to protect civilians and eliminate enemies.


The idea of police being robots would create controversial societal conflicts with these being the basic  questions to be posed

  • Could these perfect police robots always work as efficiently as a trained and experience human officer with human instinct?
  • Would society benefit from being protected robots?
  • Could the perfect cop stop the perfect criminal?

Those are only the most basic questions to consider.

Ultimately the proposal for this project is to analyse a future wherein Artificial Intelligence and Highly advanced technology would be integrated into police work to create a police force which is able to work perfectly. A 100% success rate on all police work. And with this, to see if society would benefit or not from this.

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