BCM313 Reflection


Upon walking into BCM313 the vibes were already very welcoming and remained that way for the duration of the semester. As I already read the subject outline for the subject before the first class, I was well aware that the content we would learn was going to revolve around the workplace. But as the weeks went by, I realised the subject was more centred on ourselves and the workplace, rather than just the workplace. This was evident through all the activities we did in class.

What surprised me in this subject was the approach the tutor took to how we consumed the information. The theory was provided in a way where we must reflect on ourselves and the other people in our class, rather than just simply having notes wrote up on the wall. In the first class we were asked to ask a family member, a workmate and a friend to choose one word to describe you. other activities also would determine what type of workers we were and focused on how we think/our attitudes. The most fascinating activities were where we were to partner up with someone and tell them a story of our successes, and deconstruct our thinking.

This class was great because we did learn about the workplace and Future of work, but we learnt more about ourselves. And that is something that will always make me remember this subject and will make it stand out. Every other subject I would jot down notes, learn the theory and then apply it in an assignment or exam. But for this subject not only were what we learnt relevant to our jobs, but what we learned about ourselves were relevant to how we would continue to work in the future.

A topic that stuck out to me was the “Absent but implicit” because I never really paid attention to what wasn’t said, but suggested. I realise I learn a significant amount about a person through the absent but implicit. Other topics are negotiations and how we handle a situation where we must consider the best interests. Also how we listen to the stories of others as they are telling it, and deconstruct the ideas that they are presenting, but also through analysing whats’s absent by implicit, the ideas they don’t mention but imply.

The presentation I did on my mate Jarrad who is a YouTuber was quite an experience as well. Having to sit him down and interview him was tough as we both are good mates but we eventually got through it. I learned a lot about him in the interview as well as confirm the things I already know. it was a good time presenting him to the class and I did feel very proud about it!

All in all, through the vibes alone, I could say this was one of my favourite classes in my time at uni. The tutor was by far my favourite tutor I’ve had and the actual things we learnt was relevant to our lives.

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