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BCM212 Research Reflection

My goal for this project was to discover popular attitudes which people held towards music culture, specifically in attending live concerts and supporting bands. Through this I am able to be aware of trends and attitudes within music making and the social aspect of music, and apply these to any future music projects I take on, as well as advising friends in bands of their own. 

I first off researched how to effectively create a survey, from what to do and what not to do, and other characteristics which would make my survey as effective for me as possible. During the duration of the classes and lectures I took in what was in the readings such as the topics integrity and respect which I integrated into my ethical stance on writing these surveys, as well as accountability which further influenced my code of ethics. These three topics were essential to how I did my assignment, as it established the base of my work which I would build of. The topic of flexibility too helped me be able to manage my project, while I was behind on my time plan, the readings did not only help me manage time, but also finding solutions to “bend rather than change direction”

After this research I went straight to writing it up, and made a draft. After making the draft I left it for a few days and looked back on it, making any changes which I felt was needed. After this I finalised it, set up the survey on surveymonkey and shared it on all social media from then on.

Based on the results from these answers on my survey, the majority of teenagers/young adults have seen both local and stadium live performances, and enjoy both equally. The ways music is generally found is on youtube, spotify and on the radio, and depending on how much they like the artist, they would buy the music. Only 1 person said they do not buy music either way. Attitudes towards paying money to see live local bands and purchasing their merchandise shows that $15-$20 is the general maximum one would pay, but some were lower and some would pay more. Nearly all survey takers enjoy simple enjoyable music more than technical and boring music which I predicted. The last question which asked if online presence was important showed that for many people it does impact their interest on the band, but also on the other case, people still voted that if the music is enjoyable, online presence doesn’t matter.

What this tells me how a local band should conduct their activity is while obviously creating music they enjoy, the merchandise and CD’s they print should be from $10-$15 so that they would attract more sales, rather than raising the price and having lower buyers. Their online presence should be strong, posting music on all platforms like soundcloud, youtube, spotify and submitting their tracks for radio time. Their image online would also play a factor, so to post genuine content on social media to portray an attractive image of the band. For first releases like singles or EP’s, they should be put up for free download, or at the most $10.

Thus, have I found the answers that I wanted to find when I first came up with this research project? yes I have. And through this I am able to apply this knowledge in future music projects and in helping my friends who themselves are in other bands.



BCM212 Project Update

So my project for BCM212 is  survey which would guide me in developing an understanding of the the popular attitudes the youth today hold towards local music and live shows. Having experience being in a local band in the past, and being interested on starting another one up again, I feel it would be helpful to know what attitudes people hold towards local music. After I would gather this information I would create an article to summarise what I found, and through this other musicians can tweak their activity to appeal to more people.

Throughout the past few weeks I have just been taking the project slow, just doing my readings of each week’s lectures, noting down the information and use what I learned for when I am working on my project. I did heaps of research before I tackled writing up the survey itself, looking at sites which assist in helping people write up the best surveys, and then I searched up ways which I can share it. I then searched up statistics about live music to give me background understanding.

I first created a day by day summary of what I have planned weekly and put it on a table to see how much time I have to work on this, as well as balance it with other activities. I then made a time frame for the project that I know I could follow and made a risk management table. From then on I started working on the survey questions themselves. I would make regular changes as I’d leave them and then look at them the next day. After a while of doing this and realising I was happy with the final survey, I finalised it and made a survey monkey.

BCM212 Proposal


Primary Question: What are the popular attitudes towards local live music and how it effects the artists and local live music scene.

As local live music is a presence which in many ways are both growing and declining, I would like to discover what are the popular attitudes which people within the age 16-21 hold towards attending local live shows. As I myself have had experience being in bands who played small local shows, having both great shows and not so great shows, this topic holds importance to me and would allow me to gain a greater understanding on the wellbeing of local music which would as a result not only help me and any music I may look to ever involve myself in, but also for my friends who are already in bands who also look to see the current state of local music.

The method I would use for this project is to create a questionnaire with straight forward questions that aren’t too specific like “How many local shows have you been to?”, with the options of “1, 2, 3, 4 or 5+”. After creating the questionnaire I would share it on every social media platform I use. Through sharing it on my social media I can at least get a dozen of people to answer the questions, but I will also be specific through messaging a range of friends from different areas, different music tastes, and different lifestyles so I can get a more clear understanding of the popular attitudes.

Through discovering what are the popular attitudes of youth today in regards to attending local live music, I look to see the effects these attitudes would have on local artists who spend a lot of money on their gear, transport, merchandise and recording music. This research project I feel perfectly plays into the two qualities of curiosity and reflexivity as I look to discover the current state of local music through asking the questions to give me knowledge, and applying this knowledge to go about how I would both handle helping my mate’s band’s gain attention in our local scene, and how I would go about with my own music.