Month: November 2017

Music Spatial in nature?

The focus of BCM241 has been how media is interacted with in different spaces. This is the study of ethnography.

For my project I studied and personally observed the relationship between music and the environment we are in. I studied facts which appear in the video below, but also I just been aware of the type of music I listen to, based on where I am.

When I’m on the train to uni I find myself listening to RnB or alternative rock. In the gym I listen to metal or hard style. When I’m studying I listen to soft acoustic tracks. When I’m relaxing I listen to either 60’s jazz or pop.

Not only did I observe my personal habits with music, but also when I’m around other people. I notice on the drive out with mates we seem to play hard style or rap, when we’re drinking at pre drinks we listen to Hard Rock, when we’re at parties the music is top 40, and when we are just chilling around having lunch we listen to “chill out” music like Red Hot Chilli peppers.

The below video is a brief summary of some of the spatial habits of music listening I researched and personally observed.