Month: April 2017

BCM212 Project Update

So my project for BCM212 is  survey which would guide me in developing an understanding of the the popular attitudes the youth today hold towards local music and live shows. Having experience being in a local band in the past, and being interested on starting another one up again, I feel it would be helpful to know what attitudes people hold towards local music. After I would gather this information I would create an article to summarise what I found, and through this other musicians can tweak their activity to appeal to more people.

Throughout the past few weeks I have just been taking the project slow, just doing my readings of each week’s lectures, noting down the information and use what I learned for when I am working on my project. I did heaps of research before I tackled writing up the survey itself, looking at sites which assist in helping people write up the best surveys, and then I searched up ways which I can share it. I then searched up statistics about live music to give me background understanding.

I first created a day by day summary of what I have planned weekly and put it on a table to see how much time I have to work on this, as well as balance it with other activities. I then made a time frame for the project that I know I could follow and made a risk management table. From then on I started working on the survey questions themselves. I would make regular changes as I’d leave them and then look at them the next day. After a while of doing this and realising I was happy with the final survey, I finalised it and made a survey monkey.