The Interview


So for BCM313 I got to interview one of my good friends Jarrad Nance. Jarrad is a professional YouTuber known as JarradHD who is most popular for his FIFA rebuild videos. Me and Jarrad have been pretty good friends for about 3 years, which is why it felt very weird having to sit him on a table and conduct a formal interview. I learned things about him that I didn’t previously know, but also confirmed things I did already know. 

I look up to Jarrad both in a professional sense, and physically. Have a look at the height difference.

Key Values

“I aim to make content that I am passionate about rather than going for what’s easy views for moneys sake.”

This quote struck out to me because in the field of media content making, knowing what the consumer wants is essential to success. If you know what the consumer wants, and you do it well, you’re well on your way.

“I try to appreciate and interact with my followers on a regular basis as a way to build a community and keep myself grounded.”

This I already knew about him as I have personally witnessed him replying to messages, comments and posts.


“Hard work forever pays”

“Every second I’m not working is another second that my competitors are catching up to me.”

“Doing the right thing is always the right thing.”

Jarrad is certainly one of the most hard working guys I know, and he is also very smart in his approach to his work.

A Typical Day at Work

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

“I am basically working from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep. A typical day could see me working from when I wake up at 5am until 10 or 11pm. The only times I am not working during the week is for when I am at the gym or having meals. Even on weekends I’m generally spending most of my time working but try to organise social events to break up the week and not to burn myself out.

Throughout the day I am engaged in numerous work-related activities. This includes; recording content for my YouTube channel, editing content for my YouTube channel, researching the market that I create content in to help understand what the consumer is wanting to view, planning upcoming videos, writing scripts for upcoming videos, travelling into the city for business meetings, participating in paid events such as promotional shoots that can range from businesses to sports clubs to bands to athletes.”


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