MEDA302 Week 8 Blog Post


So I did this quick test footage where I used the visuals from the video that influenced my idea, and I did cheap sound effects with ONLY whatever was on my desk. I tried to find the balance between ‘actually trying’ and ‘Barely trying’ just to test the waters with how I can execute these sounds. So that mindset is to get sounds that are ‘Close enough’ and ‘Barely close’ to the actual sound. Here I used a tin with random stuff in my desk, sticky notes, a stanley knife, a packet of tissues and my voice.


After making the video and showed the class. They actually said the sounds themselves were actually well done. To the point where if it didn’t have me on the split screen doing it, they would’ve barely noticed. The feedback I got was to do more sounds using my voice as the sound itself and using my voice to create them is humorous enough as an idea, and only gets funnier with execution. I was also given recommendations with text to watch by Tati, who I’ve already checked out

One thing I want to incorporate is a two screen installation where the movie is on the left screen, and me doing the foley is on the screen to the right. The class did like that recommendation as opposed to the split screen that I would do which still works, however a two screen installation would work better.

All in all with the amount of effort I put in, I was pretty happy with how it turned out. For the upcoming footage I’m going to use Adobe Premiere rather than iMovie, and I’m gonna explore different approaches to making sound designs. Such examples of different approaches is “Trying too hard”, “Off time sound”, “Foley work but in a hurry” and more. At the final project I want to have a mix up of a variety of executed sounds.

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