MEDA302 Week 7 Blog Post

So the end plan for this week is to establish a final idea for the project, or at least grounded enough for me to visualise how a final edit would look like. So last week after viewing some Jacques Tati work, I decided I did want to include the same visual humour he did, though it might contradict the scenic approach I wanted to take. I was thinking at first, it’d have to be one or another. A serious approach with visuals and imagery that would be complemented by terrible foley, or a more humorous visual approach complemented by exaggerated and terrible foley.

I decided to go for a balance between both. The visuals would be scenic, but also the things that would happen would also convey visual comedy (But very very little). I want the forefront of the humour to be the sound.

So for the visuals….

The footage and story that I would be doing foley for will simply be a man (Played by my mate) going from location A to location B, but in a hurry, and comes across some obstacles. Though that doesn’t sound much in terms of “Finalising my idea”, that’s already provided to me a plan. I know my actor, I know the vibe I’m going for, that’s honestly enough for me for this week. The actor I’m using Mitch is also a very humorous person who has the same humour as me, so even he comes up with great ideas on the spot that complement my project.

Here is past work I’ve done with Mitchell:


The only thing I knew coming into this was:

  • One minute video
  • Raising awareness for spontaneous injuries

Not the greatest video obviously, however the mark was pretty good from what I remember and I filmed/edited/planned this in a span of 2 days.

This final project for MEDA302 I still have nearly 2 months to finish. I’ll be sweet!


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