MEDA302 Blog Post Week 6

So this week is the first week of working towards the final project. This week all I’m going to do is to establish a time schedule to work in. I’m a self aware person, so things I know about myself:

  • It takes me a few weeks to get into a rhythm
  • I don’t stick to time schedules that go past 5 weeks, but if I focus on small portions at a time, I’m more likely to stick to it
  • I like to spread out workload rather than do a lot at once or in consecutive weeks
  • I get stressed easily

In listing those things about me, I created this time schedule

Week 6- Establish plan for next few weeks, Find more influence, more ideas
Week 7- Finalise Idea- Start working- Test footage
Week 8- Critical reflection of test footage- Further research
Week 9- Make a start on final video- Plan out what to do week 10-13

At this point, I still am stuck with the specifics of the project. All I still know is that it’s a 3-5 minute film showcasing the art form of Foley in a parodied way. However the specific visuals themselves are what I am unsure with. Do I want to tell a story with the visuals that I will be creating foley for? or should I focus on more scenery and specific actions which I will be creating a range of sounds for?

I’ve decided I will do a bit of all of that. Tell a story, nothing complex, something as simple as someone getting from one place to another with obstacles. And in the process, there would be scenery and specific movements which would give me heaps of work to do foley sounds in.

A suggestion for an artist to check out is Jacques Tati so I watched this video


What I observed was the visual and sound comedy that is in this film. The sounds are exaggerated and the visuals are over the top. I understood within the first minute why this was suggested to me. What I find funny in this are the same ways I want mine to be funny. I feel the visuals are something I can incorporate, just the absurdity of what’s happening, though I still want it to be scenic. The sound effects is very exaggerated but not to the point where it’s out of reality completely, it’s still somewhat grounded, yet comic enough.


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