MEDA302 Blog Post Week 5

So continue on from last week’s blog, I have come up with my idea for my final project, being a 3-5 minute film which is a parody of foley videos which you see on YouTube. The idea is to exploit the stereotypes and making fun of the “Master of their craft” like videos you would see online. In doing this, I need to critically analyse the works that would influence my project.

The first work I’m going to critically analyse is this video. I’m a big fan of the video as I’ve actually watched it many times for leisure. I find the visuals which the foley artists are creating sound effects for really breathtaking in itself as it’s set in a quiet and small fishing town. The shot selection and camera angles were great as it establishes the focus point for where the sound effects come into play. I really liked how the video would switch back and forth between the studio with the foley artists and the film they were working on, especially as you would see their professionalism in the ways they would get their timing right, and the perfect and accurate execution of their craft. On top of this, the soundtrack of the video really further established a serious tone, which all the more, adds to the professionalism. What this video does best is bring attention to this art form, to really show their mastery and what goes on behind the scenes. That is an aspect I’ll be looking to emulate in my own project.

So this second video is a straight out humorous parody on Foley work which I found hilarious. The guys in it just have a list, and seemingly would just go for whatever suffices. Obviously the camera work and style of this video, technically speaking, doesn’t touch the first video I showed, it’s mainly the narrative that makes this just as  entertaining. The equipment they use and their careless attitude of their work contributes to a more funnier approach than the serious craft mastery of the previous video. The ideas I’d take from this video is using the funny equipment like they do, and execute the sounds in a similar manner timing wise as they do, but I’d remain serious in execution much like the first video.

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