MEDA302 Blog Post Week 4

My primary practice in creating works is sound, mostly music, but pretty much anything that’s sound, like sound effects, soundscapes and all that. And the other is filming, which I haven’t used too much of in this subject. But for this final project I wanted to incorporate both. I knew I wanted to do a sound based piece which is complemented by visuals. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, whether music based, but the initial idea was to create some form of sound work that was supported by visuals. I tossed up doing a music video, and a soundscape, but after getting feedback, I realised that wasn’t really the way to go

Last week while I was making my late night rounds through YouTube I came across this video


After watching this video, I realised, I wanted to do something just like this for my final project, but how could I make it unique or conceptualise it? How could I add flavour to this format? Well, those questions are what led me to my idea:

The idea is a video just like the one I just showed. The film will roughly go for 3-4 minutes, I’m not sure what the exact vision I have of the film is just yet as far as visuals go. But it will Include behind the scenes footage of me doing foley work, which I might show through a second screen maybe, just so it doesn’t jump back and forth between me doing the foley and the visuals that are shown.

So what’s the catch? the foley work itself would be comically bad. Now I’m still unsure how to approach this, whether I want the sounds itself to be terrible to the point where the sound is off time, or having them barely resemble the sounds it’s meant to make, or maybe have the sounds only just believable enough so that it gets a pass, or to actually have the sounds be made well, but the items I’m shown using to to create them are just far fetched to the point where it’s ridiculous. So yeah the humorous aspect I’m still deciding where to go, but no matter what, the seriousness of the video will remain the same. It’ll be made with the same enthusiasm and professionalism as the video I showed.

I believe the genre for a video of this type would fall under “parody video”. A parody video is an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect. Such movie examples are Austin Powers, Scary Movie and Shaun of the dead. In an article called Bitter Laughter, the writer touches on how parody can be used to politically influence the audience. Though my final project has no political message at all, the concepts brought forward in this article will allow me to understand the approach to take in making this video.
“Within previous work on Parody, Holman and Harmon (1986) define it as an imitation intended to ridicule or criticize, that to be understood requires familiarity with the original object, and to be effective must sound faithful to the original.” I really admire the work these foley artists do, so I wouldn’t say I’d be ridiculing the work with intent to discredit these artists, but definitely in a sense of taking a little jab at the whole “Masters of their craft behind the scenes” styled videos. My project also wouldn’t really be downfully criticizing the work of these artists, but more exploiting the stereotypes of the video, such as the dramatic music and the seriousness of the artists. Throughout the article, the writer repeats that the primary intention of parody videos is to  “Amuse the audience”, which really sums up the intent of my project




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