BCM320 Blog Post 3

So this week’s blog is to detail my own auto-ethnographic experience with this subject of Digital Asia.

So being a Filipino Australian who has friends of many different cultures, I already felt like I have been exposed to a variety of traditions and texts as I’ve either been at a friends home and seen on the television a movie made in their respective culture, or other ways such as seeing what they share on social media and all that. I have viewed a few foreign movies from other countries such as the Indonesian film ‘The Raid‘ which I feel is one of the best action movies ever made. I’ve also watched the Japanese film ‘The Ring’ which has a western remake that I was a massive fan of. I myself have been heavily exposed to filipino television, music and film as my parents watch it on the TV at night, and I do watch along with them here and there.

So all in all, I did believe before immersing in Digital Asia, that I’ve already had a lot of experience in other cultures. Well now that we’re in week 5, and having viewed all the texts such as Godzilla, State of Play and Akira, I quickly realised I’ve only touched just the surface of intercultural experiences.

In Godzilla I expected to just see a black and white and dated monster movie, but being in 2018, and knowing historical references, I immediately perceived all the meanings and metaphors present within Godzilla such as Hiroshima. Akira as well as I was watching made me reflect on watching Pokemon as a kid, and I found myself comparing my experience watching that, and also comparing Akira to watching Ghost in the Shell, in which Akira was a much easier viewing.

My epiphany occurred while watching State of Play, the film about pro gamers in South Korea that there is just a whole other world within each culture. It even goes back to thinking about all the subcultures cultures within my own culture. There’s not only filipino films, movies and music, but all the cultures within such as cock fighting, which was addressed in the first week. In my province in the Phillipines, the culture of having roosters fight to death and betting on them is massive. When I was there I was so heavily into it that I lost 2000 pesos. I really just came to the realisation that there is so much more for me to experience, not only the generic and broad aspects such as movies, tv shows and music in general.

Consuming these foreign texts gave often been myself making comparisons to western media and also foreign texts I’ve already viewed. Through recalling and reminiscing my experiences with all these texts I’ve already viewed, I’m able to more easily consume the content I’m watching and in a way, I enjoy it much more.


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