MEDA302 Blog Post 3

For this week of MEDA302 we had a look into two texts which explore installation arts and projected images.

The first text on the set reading is a rundown of how installation art came to be, and the earliest work of installation art. Well some of the examples aren’t necessarily “installation art” by nature, like the Eisenhaim Alterpiece, the parts which are placed in places of worship are examples.

I feel the most important points the reading highlights is that installation art should be interacted with by an audience, in some way. Because, why go through the effort for an audience that would just simply look at it in the same nature as seeing a painting. It has to enthral the audience in a way different to the standard form of art (painting, film)

One interesting installation that I loved the idea of is on page 156 of the chapter and it is the Bronx, 1985 by Fabrizio Plessi, which’s message is that death comes to all things, even machines. And I feel only the form of an installation could really best create a message like that and be impacting.

The second reading is ‘The Projected Image in Contemporary Art’ , which is a discussion based reading that delves into the intrigue of the projected image. The form of installations and projections is one that has been shaped by many things throughout history of art, most notably the rise of cinema. In honesty I didn’t really connect much to this reading as it seems the people involved tried to overcomplicate what is not complicated. Maybe a very careful dissection, but unnecessary, but I guess one like this is needed. But

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