MEDA301 Blog Post 6

So at this point I have given the project 2 days without looking or even thinking of it. And then I opened up iMovie and viewed the entirety jotting down any things I want to change. This is what I wrote down

  • Edit mixing- monologue-make louder
  • Change up the zooms and movements within images
  • Edit levels during end sequence- louden screeches-quiet down low pitch sounds

All in all, that’s a good sign that my last changes were just 3 points, and they were minor.

In saying that, here is the final project

The final verdict on this piece is that I’m genuinely pleased with how it turned out. The way I envisioned the sound piece after I received feedback after showing demos was pretty much how I thought it would turn out, and the visuals I imagined when I thought of ideas turned out just how I thought

I do however admit that with upgraded equipment such as higher level DAW, a better film editing software, more musical gear, and generally better abilities on art making that the ideas I put into the work could have certainly be built upon more. Though looking back into the development of the project, I can say I am happy with the turnout.

The project began with the first demo being a electronic musical piece that centred around the monologue by Brando to depict horror

Then the idea evolved into a noise piece that through sound depicts horror that uses the aid of the monologue to further place ideas

Then the idea evolved into a structured noise piece that acts as a journey into horror.

Then the idea evolved into an audio visual piece where the visuals and monologue serve as a guide to the journey into horror that the noise represents.

Then here we are with the final project ready to be submitted.



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