MEDA301 Blog Post 5

I was suggested by my tutor to watch the film Antichrist by Lars Von Trier to take influence into the direction I wanted to go. After watching the movie, I must say that the film did not slow down in further delving into the darkest of dark themes and visuals. It was a hard watch, and very very confronting in what I was viewing.

In saying that, I wanted to make my piece as confronting through sound as that movie was to my eyes. I feel my piece does a good job as the sounds are not at all pleasant. The monologue is there to create context, and the noise is chaotic.

At this stage I just refined what I feel should be fixed up in the audio piece, editing the levels and making transitions as smooth as I want them to be or as abrupt as I want them to be. After viewing the film Antichrist I just wanted to further make my piece more chaotic, and very uneasy to I made some of the levels piercing, but not too much.  I’ve mentally visualised how the images I made would appear along with the piece itself. Now would be time to put the audio and images into a video form.

I exported the final bounce of the piece from garageband which ended up being 3 minutes in length. I then put the audio file into the Imovie workstation along with the images.

I established the time zones where the images with specific shading of red would be used, and then I used the techniques of skewing, zooms, and cuts to stylistically use the images to make it a visual piece. The first two minutes include mostly slow zooms, and camera movements, just to build tension. During the last minute the visuals themselves become chaotic, cutting very very fast to match the audio.

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 11.09.01 PM

Upon personally reviewing the piece itself, I myself feel very satisfied with the result. Like I said, I only wanted the visuals to be somewhat a guide, not to be the centre of attention of the piece. Though I will admit the images are simple, that is what I feel would stylistically match the concept. Too much going on at once is not what I want. The central idea of the piece is to place an audience into the sound embodiment of horror. The noises are not pleasant, and the monologue carries the central idea, with the visuals serving as a guide.

So at the moment I currently have a “finished idea”, of the final piece. I’m going to give this a few days of not watching or thinking about the piece, and then view it all again in to make any edits I feel would be great


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