MEDA301 Blog post 4

After I completed a draft version of my piece, I felt I needed to step away and not listen to it at all for a week’s time. I’ve usually done this when I write music; I write until I’m happy with it, then I don’t listen to it at all for a week, and then I go back and give it a listen.


So after listening back to it, I feel like the parts were too disjointed, and the transitions could be much smoother, however I feel the sound ideas I was putting forward were effective and I was still happy with.

A stylistic component that at first I thought was an issue I needed to fix, but felt I should keep is the levels. At some points the volume nearly peaks. At first I went back to edit the levels so they are all balanced, but it sounded clean. It made it easy to listen to. And that is the one thing I don’t want my project to be; Easy listening. So you know what, I put more volume peaks and level changes through the song, as a stylistic component

I needed to define a structure, but also I need to bring the piece “back to earth”. Listening to this piece for me I know the context, however if I didn’t know the context, the only thing grounding the piece in meaning is the monologue featured in. The monologue offers the ideas out there, but I feel I need to make a clearer connection to the sound.

Now, a way to connect ideas to sound, and probably the best way, is through visual imagery. Now I needed to create images that don’t force meanings or ideas, but to suggest them. I don’t want anything specific. So in this case the use of colour is the central basis.

The common colour to associate with “bad things” is red. So I felt I needed to create images that represented the different stages of the piece.

After much brainstorming, I decided to take a photo of the sky, and then edit it on photoshop. These were the results;



Now are these images simple? yes

But in my personal taste and style in how I create work, I feel simple is much better than trying to be ambitious and fail badly. Each image would represent a different stage in the the immersion into horror. The colours would convey it. And when it reaches the full immersion into horror, the image would change to the last one above.

The visual techniques I would use with these images are pans, zooms, quick cuts and fades predominantly. I am very well aware with the visuals I’m not trying to take the full attention away from the sound, because if that happens it will just look like a visual piece with audio in it. This piece is a sound piece with visuals in it. 

I feel this effectively enough establishes a structure, and matches the theme of horror I’m trying to achieve, and once again I went back to my group with feedback.

The general feedback was that they would need to see how the shots look like because so far they are just images that don’t really tell much. I then explained how I just wanted the visuals to be of aid to the piece, not take attention away, and after that the group showed interest in this idea. Though I know I still would have to show them next week what exactly I want to do as just showing the images themselves for the mean time don’t really show much.

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