MEDA301 Blog 3

This week I worked out the part of the structure of my piece;

An Intro- Just a brief taste of the dark sounds to come

Monologue- The horror monologue delivered by Brando with noise building up and down. The noise is meant to tease the entry of what’s to come as the noise get’s louder and quiet. As if to say the horror is begging to escape.

Glimpse of the Horror- After the monologue sounds would culminate putting the listener in a harsh environment but not for long.

The final safety zone- A safety zone where familiar sounds hold the listener in comfortable and familiar space before they fully immerse in horror.

Full Immersion in Horror- After the “safety zone” the listener descends into the chaotic sounds of horror.

After sorting this out I then got samples of guitar effects I recorded and put it in the new garageband track. I then pieced it all together in my desired form.

I knew I wanted the whole piece to lead to a chaotic final part of the track where the effects and noise just create chaos, embodying the sound of horror. Throughout the piece it would feature glimpses or segments that were cut up; enough to keep on edge but not enough to really put the listener in a world of horror just yet.

The safety zone that I came up with utilised the electronic instruments in the Digital Audio Workstation I used. This was what I came up with;


This part of the piece features familiar musical elements, where the timing is precise to the beat in a way. After this “safety” is where the chaos begins.

After creating this I figure I would create the final part. This part was the most fun as I just attempted to make the most chaotic harsh sounds that build up and get worse and worse. There is no music, no timing, no ideas, no care. Just horror. After spending around an hour this is what I came up with:


I was VERY VERY happy with how this turned out. This was very fun to make. Just chaos.

At the end of the tutorial I showed my group

From the group and tutors I received very good feedback, they mentioned that they liked the idea of the structure. Though the question posed was how would I show the segments in the final design. I surely CANNOT just have a voice over that says “Intro”, “Safety”, and “Horror”.

When I asked my tutor of advice, he then suggested that there needs to be visuals. But to create the visuals when the piece is done. “Let the visuals follow the sound”

What I took from my feedback is that the noise itself has to convey the embodiment of horror, while the monologue and visuals serve as a guide.


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