MEDA301 Blog 2

So after last week’s experimentation and research into noise music. I spent this class time coming up with a noise piece. I utilised a piece of music I recorded a while ago which uses guitar screeches and feedback, using techniques such as scratching the string with guitar pick to create a squealing and harsh sound. I decided to completely scrap the test piece I came up with the previous week, as I personally just didn’t connect with it, and it just seemed like a dark music piece rather than what I want. Which is sound to reflect the “horror” Brando is talking about.

After an hour of experimenting with this work I had created this piece below


It does not go for very long but from my influence of listening to the noise artist Merzbow which was suggested by my tutor, I got heavy influence on this piece. The main idea is the absence of musical ideas, but also making it coherent, not just random. Though it may come off as random at first listening, they were all calculated. The timing I constructed was precise to how I wanted it to sound, with the heavy screeches coming in intervals, and the low droning noise came in and out sequentially, but also when I felt it needed to be held longer.

From here on I then tried to integrate the piece with the monologue. This took a lot of time as it just didn’t sound right. I couldn’t really work out the reason until I was looking at garageband tutorials and I realised I needed to fade in and out individual tracks using automation so that it would sound more smooth and coherent.

During the end of this week’s tutorial I received feedback from my group and tutors of the ideas. I was offered some great suggestions:

  • Create a journey path: Structure the piece so that it goes through different stages
  • Have a part which is absolute noise chaos
  • Make the monologue a “guide” into the ideas, not the central basis of the concept. Let the noise be telling of the concept.

These suggestions definitely have placed the right ideas in my head, and have overall gave me a good vision for how I want the final sound piece to sound


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