MEDA301 Blog 1

So my concept which I came up with for my project proposal was a sound piece centred around the monologue in Apocalypse Now. The general consensus was through expressing through sound the nihilistic ideas which Brando talks about; embracing the horror. Upon conception the idea was a musical piece using electronic sounds, and after a few hours with messing around I came up with this:

I simply just got the monologue from Apocalypse Now, put it in garageband and I experimented with sounds in Garageband and came up with it. It was only 2 hours worth of testing. I utilised a recorded guitar effect I made a while back and then used that as the main idea. Then I used the electronic instruments within Garageband.

After doing this I felt it was just too generic and also a bit too musically driven. This led me to research and check out some Noise pieces, particularly by Merzbow which was suggested by my tutor. I checked out the album below


After listening to this I got more ideas for my work, so that it is less musical. The sound expressing these views would certainly be more effective by using a noise music approach rather than just ambient music.

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