Blog Post 3-Tweet Curation

These past 8 weeks of live tweeting films we’d watch in class I felt was very fun. It was definitely an activity I looked forward to each week as this is a subject where I have a lot of fun delving into as many of the ideas explored, especially Artificial Intelligence, are things I am highly interested in. Throughout the semester, we watched movies I’d either have already watched or have been meaning to watch. The movies I already watched were The Matrix, both the Black Mirror episodes, and Blade Runner (Though I was absent from class).

I feel my live tweeting vastly improved as the week’s went on. The first week we live tweeted the movie Ghost in the Shell, and I feel this was my weakest as I found it hard to both live tweet and follow the story of the movie. As a result the tweets themselves weren’t really anything too interesting, and when the film finished I had to read up on the plot again. I was also too interested on tweeting and tweeting about everything that I seemed to have strayed my attention from the movie. However from the second week onwards, I decided I would let the tweets come up by itself, not forcing anything, and as a result I was able to both pay attention to the film and also make good quality tweets. The tweets also seemed more genuine from my end.

As the week’s went on I felt more comfortable tweeting, as I had learned to both pay attention to the movie as well as tweet at the same time. I was also receiving a bit more likes and comments back. I feel this was through my use of humour throughout.

What I noticed about live tweeting the films I already watched was that it was much easier to tweet something relevant, rather than having to search the web to find a link or a fun fact, to post. Also already having watched the films, it was easier for me to sit back and enjoy it in it’s entirety. My tweets for The Matrix and both Black Mirror episodes were very insightful. The tweets during the Black Mirror episodes had my most discussion driven content as I questioned aspects of the plot and the ideas within the episodes.

Criticism I do have with my live tweeting is that I just didn’t tweet enough discussion based content. They were more just talking about what was happening at those moments. They also weren’t so consistent, but I place that due to the fact that I was really good with live tweeting movies I had already watched in contrast to the ones I hadn’t watched.

The movies that I live tweeted which I haven’t seen before but I now absolutely love were Westworld and Frank and Robot. Both very great stories which since viewing I have re-watched.

Week 1: Ghost In The Shell

Week 2: Westworld

Week 3: Johnny Mnemonic

Week 4- The Matrix

Week 5- Black Mirror episode

Week 6: Robot and Frank

Week 7: Black Mirror: Hated in The Nation

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