Week 4-Research working processes and forms that interest you

The standard method of music production utilised in the modern day is multi-track digital recording. The idea is to have a layer per instrument. The standard is to start with the base instrument of percussion being recorded first to establish the backbone and structure of pieces, then layers are added such as main ideas and then finishing off with added sound effects such as clapping.

Here is a video of artist Wacka Flocka Flame recording the famous backup vocals which he utilises in multiple tracks and is seen as a staple in his music.

In audio music production the form which interests me is the standard method as changing that process would highly complicate it. The levels of creativeness is infinite with the standard multitrack as you can add layers upon layers of sound, which culminate to create a work defined by the artist and how they and their producers create their tracks.

A process of audio production which I have no experience in, but I carry high interest in is the creation of soundtrack for film. Film is my other medium which I have high interest in doing, but an idea I’ve always had an interest in is the relationship of film, and the soundtrack and Sound Effects.

One of the most popular soundtrack producers is Hans Zimmer who has created the soundtrack for many popular modern films, particularly Christopher Nolan. Here is his process for creating the soundtrack for Interstellar

There are two ways soundtracks are created for film by the artist:

  1. Draw inspiration from the script and write pre-production so the director more so makes scenes based on the construction of the soundtrack
  2. Create post production-the typical John Williams method

Hans Zimmer usually utilises the first method where he gets his inspiration from the script and creates a work based on that.

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