Week 3: Research opportunities

In the field of audio production there are many different options which are available, but nowadays actual opportunities do seem scarce, especially in music production. However more opportunities open up if one would open up to more mediums which feature sound design.

Having worked with two music audio producers, it is clear that to pursue a career in music production, you have to have connections and reputation. Obviously there are so many things an audio producer needs such as thousands of dollars of equipment, recording software, a high understanding of sound and production, but reputation and connections seem to be the only bridge to even considering a career.

The producers I’ve worked with for my music, they both carry all the above aspects listed, and to an extent many connections, but as a result of the overpopulation of independent producers who produces at home as well, gaining a widespread reputation is incredibly difficult. The first producer I worked with played in a well known band local band at the time which right off the bat made his name recognisable, and was a producer that many local bands, my old one included, got to record music for us. He too had many connections knowing other producers who are high up in popularity as well as many local bands. He recorded from home, and produced very high quality music for very affordable prices. For my old band’s 5 track EP we only payed $500 which is incredibly cheap. This producer however only recorded as a side thing as his main medium was photography and film which has gotten him many opportunities.

An aspect of audio production which I feel would provide great opportunities is sound design, soundscape making, sound effects etc. Especially for film like audio dubbing and foley work. When incorporating sound into other mediums, I definitely feel there is more opportunities out there. Here are some interesting sound occupations which are incorporated into other mediums



As you can see, audio production doesn’t just apply to the art of creating music. To widen up opportunities to do with sound production, other mediums MUST be incorporated, otherwise the opportunities are limited and often or not, only good luck and timing would allow for many opportunities.

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