Week 1-Defining my Practice

So the first task of this subject is to define a practice or a field which I am good at or more interested in. So this would refer to any form of expression in creative practice such as image creating, filming, graphic design, photography and all that.

After much thought I feel the field of practice which I am suited to is both audio and film.

First with audio.

I have been a musician for around 10 years now, first picked up a guitar when I was 10, then found myself writing music when I was 14 and since then I’ve been involved in different musical projects. My first band was a hardcore band called Clockworks in which I was one of the lead songwriters. Here is a song that I wrote for the band (CAUTION, HEAVY CONTENT)


The band lasted from 2013-2016, releasing one full EP and a single. After this band I stopped with music for a year, then I decided to create a solo project called Sane Old Me in late 2017One thing I hated about being in a band with other people is that it was rare for everyone to be at agreement with the sound. So having a project that is all mine takes that away. Since I made the project last year, I’ve released two songs which are linked below:


My experience writing songs, and being already recording at a studio, I feel makes audio a certain field of practice which I will delve in for the subject.

Now with Film

For this field of practice, there’s not much backstory to it as with my experience with audio, but essentially for every single one of my uni final projects I’ve created a film. And I get pretty good marks each time, so I guess that would make it a field of practice I’d indulge in.

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