What’s Hidden?

A tale that holds a special place in the hearts of me and my interviewee Dom. The story revolves around the other 2 mates in our high school group Adrian and Fletcher who unknowingly were in love with the same girl, and unknowingly competed against each other in a battle of “Who could write the most cringiest anonymous love messages on Ask.fm” back in year 9. Adrian, being closer to Dom made his activity secret between them, and Fletcher who was closer to me, made me keep this secret between us. They never ended up revealing their identities to this girl who now probably has her own “What’s Hidden” story to tell. But could their secrets remain hidden forever? probably if it weren’t for alcohol

Featuring once again my best mate Dom, the topic of the day is “What’s Hidden”, and immediately without much thought, the love triangle tale between our good friends Fletcher and Adrian and a girl they were both secretly in love with was the story he wanted to tell. I too feel, this was a good choice for this topic.

During our year 9 years there was a highly popular social media site called ask.fm wherein users were able to anonymously ask someone questions. Most of the time they were innocent questions such as “What is your favourite colour?”, but with the nature of the site being that the person wouldn’t know who was asking, there were surely some interesting situations that arose from people using the site. A lot of the time the anonymous messages were a means of cyber-bullying to hurt the other user. And sometimes people used it to proclaim their love to someone they liked. This was the case with our mates Adrian and Fletcher. With the same girl. Without each other knowing. 

With Adrian being closer to Dom, he sought help with Dom about messaging this girl anonymously, and at the same time, Fletcher, who I was closer with, came to me for help with messaging the same girl. Both Adrian and Fletcher found themselves stressing not only about how they would get this girl’s attention, but also about this other user on the ask.fm who they both saw as competition. My personal experience with Fletcher was hanging out with him after school getting subway, and him telling me over and over again that he wants to reveal himself to this girl, but is too scared. Much is the same with Dom.

All in all, in the end, both of them never revealed themselves to this girl, and in time the issue was forgotten, until a few years later. In a night of heavy drinking with Adrian, Fletcher, Dom and I, Fletcher reveals to all of us when we asked him to tell us stories of his cringiest moments with girl, that he was on this girl’s ask.fm back in year 9 writing love filled messages to her, and notes that there was another guy on her account as well who he was competing with. None of us could have predicted, that the other guy on that account was someone in the room.

Fletcher and Adrian, anonymously messaging the same girl, and unknowingly competing against each other on who could send the most cringey messages, was what was hidden, and to this day is still a funny story we love to bring up when we are all together.


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