BCM241 Assignment 2

This semester for BCM241 we were given weekly tasks of creating a blogpost for our blogs in relation to weekly subjects. Whilst in the past sessions in uni with other BCM subjects we were to blog, in this subject the posts were more specific. On the Moodle site the instructions were more specific whilst in BCM112 and DIGC202 the blogs were more free as there was a topic, but we had freedom about what aspects to go on. That was much easier for me I found.

In the first few weeks I found difficulty, despite the tasks not being complicated, more the full on nature of it I found was challenging. For example is for week 2 and 3 we had to interview other people and base our blog around our findings, and around other’s findings and what we learn from them. The topic of week 2 was Television Habits and my blog for that week can be found at: https://illmindofryza1.wordpress.com/2017/08/06/bcm241-week2-television/

This blog post was very informal, through use of colloquial language, and how I spaced the sentences and constructed them, to make it more interesting. As the blog went on, it slowly turned more formal and formal, which I feel was a result of the word limit I had to reach. What I noticed from other people in that week’s blog was that they had a formal interview where they recorded and wrote down every word that was said, whilst mine was just recounting a conversation with my dad and uncle.

The week 3 blog found at: https://illmindofryza1.wordpress.com/2017/08/13/week-3-reflection/  completely strays away from the style from week 2 as it is formally constructed, there was lesser use of colloquial language and there were big paragraphs rather than spacing. I found this makes my blogs inconsistent in style as one week I’d have a fun and very informal blog and the next week I had made one that was boring.

After the submission of the first assignment with the 3 blog posts, from then on I feel started to get into the rhythm of blogging and I feel my writing got better for different reasons. Firstly I feel without a word limit that I have to reach I don’t feel inclined to drag out my blogs, putting up useless information to reach the word limit, so I can get straight to the point and make it simpler. When it comes to writing informal, straight to the point and simple, I feel that’s where I strive. After receiving the feedback, I realised I needed to use links and sources, so I started doing that, and while I honestly don’t feel it adds too much to my writing, it makes the blog more coherent and a bit more interesting.

So the blog posts following the submission of the first assignment, I notice in style and quality they were getting more consistent. The links I’d use rather than give me an opportunity to drag out the blog, I feel I used very well as I related them to the topic and the experience I would recount, and they made the blog more fun to read. My blog for week 5 which is found at https://illmindofryza1.wordpress.com/2017/09/12/week-5-cinemas/ was about a past experience in a cinema. I go to the movies often, and I’ve had the occasional unsuccessful or successful story to tell such as tripping down the stairs in the theatre, or winning a free movie ticket, but I recounted a pretty funny story of me when I was 14 and trying to watch an MA15+ film called American Pie: Reunion. The style of writing, while very informal, short, and very simple, heavily complemented the nature of the story. A quirky and humorous writing style, definitely tells a quirky and humorous situation very effectively.

With the success I found with week 5’s blog, I continued to go and write in that style as not only do I feel I write better with it, I actually have fun writing it. As the week’s went on I feel I needed to implement more sources and links for my project to create further audience engagement. For week 8 the topic was Attention, Presence and Space, and that blog is at: https://illmindofryza1.wordpress.com/2017/09/19/week-8-attention-presence-and-space/ . For this week the topic highly intrigued me and I had a lot of fun with it. During tutorials we watched a bunch of videos which would test our attention to a situation. The task was to create our own test and then write about the results. I couldn’t really think of one as complicated as the videos we watched, but I made my one to be myself observing my family watching a horror movie, and counting how many times they’d lose attention and go on their phones. On my blog I didn’t write the number of how much because I myself, found my attention drifted from the experiment to actually enjoying the movie. All I documented was that only in the first few scenes they checked their phones here and there, but for the rest of the way their attention was locked to the screen, and so was mine. I was very happy with this blog as well, and to promote the movie, I added a link to the trailer which would give the audience context, mostly on how intense the film was, and this would be evident by watching the trailer.

The topic for week 9 was Regulating Audiences, and this topic I didn’t have too much fun with to be honest because it’s not really a hands on kind of topic, more research based. Because I didn’t enjoy it as much, I noticed in my blog I started to drift into a more formal style again, and wrote in fair sized paragraphs. However, upon noticing this, I just altered some of the writing, and while it still is more formal than previous weeks, I was still happy with the writing. The link I used was to a video that showed all of the banned commercials in Australia and it makes for a funny and entertaining watch. Most of the blog was just a recount of my research regarding banned films and that provided a lot of interest for me in the end as I do love watching films. I presented facts about the banned films, as well as information of the nature of these films, and a scenario of how the regulation of audiences was effective which furthers my point. This blog can be found: https://illmindofryza1.wordpress.com/2017/09/19/week-9-regulating-audiences/

All in all, I realise my writing isn’t to a scholarly standard, and for that I feel in realisation of that, gives me an advantage as I now sought to create very interesting and simple blogs that come off as humorous at many times. My biggest improvement comes with the realisation that my best blogs are the simple ones and are informal. Blogs don’t have to be formal, they are not essays I learnt through asking around tutors and other students, so I figure the informal route is the way for me to go. Funnily enough, this blog itself drifts more to the formal route, but I believe it couldn’t be done without it being so. I further used research and sources to complement my writing, rather than just add to a mess of information.


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