Week 9-Regulating Audiences

This week took a look at how media content is regulated. What was learned was how the government regulated what media audiences consumed, produced, copied and shared, and how media space and place.

Regulation in media has always been present, some more tamer or stricter than in other media spaces. An example of media regulation in Australia is the list of films which are banned from being consumed in Australia. This can be found here:


Many of these films eventually managed to be sold in Australia, but all the films in the this list was once or still is banned in Australia.

A common connection between all these films is that they all fall within the same genre of horror/action. As can imagine, this shows that the level of violence within these films are/were of an extreme level of the time. Upon looking through these films there are also a high level of controversial themes, an example of one of these is The Serbian Film which revolves around a brutal sexually based plot.

While banned films are still able to be viewed within Australia through the internet, the effect of regulation in the case of banned films are more targeted towards the younger audience, and how this content is stopped from reaching the interests of young audiences. This means some 9 year old kid walking through the shopping centre doesn’t come across the DVD case of The Serbian Film, and through reading the plot, gains an interest into what it is about.

Other things which the Australian media regulate are advertisements, video games, books and other media.

To conclude this week’s blog, here’s a compilation of banned advertisements:


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