Week 8-Attention, Presence and Space

During out tutorials this week we were given a handful of videos to watch which tested our attention to detail within a space.

These videos I found really interesting, especially how simple yet complicated they were which were awesome. Our task for this week is to make a test of our own, test it on someone and write on my blog what happened.

It took a while but I made a simple test that didn’t need much thinking. So what I did was I put a horror movie on called Don’t Breathe which is a pretty intense movie, and I watched it with my parents and my sister at home. All I did was just watch how many times they lose attention or check their phones throughout the movie.

At the end of the movie I had observed that they had not lost much attention at all throughout the movie as it was a high paced film. Only during the beginning of the movie where nothing was happening was when I saw my sister check her phone, and my parents weren’t so into it. What I also noticed was as I got stuck into the movie, my attention slowly drifted away from checking on their attention.

This was a really interesting exercise and really makes me think about how the maintenance of attention in media products is highly important.


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