Week 5- Cinemas

For this week’s blog we were asked to recount a successful or failed cinema experience. I go to the cinemas very often and besides seeing some pretty bad movies that I thought would be good e.g Batman vs Superman, I couldn’t really think of any failed experiences, and a successful experience would fall under every good movie I enjoyed


A distinct memory I had of a cinema experience which sucked that was more what happened to me rather than seeing a bad movie was when I was around 14 years old.

Being only 14, we weren’t able to view MA15+ movies in the cinema, but we still tried. One of the movies we attempted to see was American Pie Reunion. To get into the cinemas me and 4 mates bought tickets to some kid’s movie, and we thought it was a genius idea at the time. The kids movie started at around 3pm, while American Pie started at 4pm, so we sat down watching the kid’s movie for an hour. When 4pm hit, we walked out of the cinema and went into the one showing American Pie Reunion. We thought we were genius.

10 minutes into the movie, 3 of the workers walk up the stairs, points us out and tells us to leave. At the point everyone in the cinema looked at us and laughed, but the worst part is some of my older friends who were already 15 were in that Cinema and recognised me. I was teased for weeks after that


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