BCM241 Week2: Television Habits+Project Pitch

Growing up with television I’m sure was different yet very similar for everyone. It all boils down to ritual.

When I was a child I do remember my TV watching habits revolved around shows like Hi 5, The Wiggles, Arthur, Shaun The Sheep and many many more.

For me when I was in high school it was:
Toast TV then Sunrise in the mornings before school
Then from 6pm onwards it’d be The Simpsons, Neighbours, Two and a Half Men then CSI.
After these shows would be done I then would put in my disc set of Friends until 11 when I would go to sleep.

My favourite television show growing would have to be Friends. I could literally talk through each line of each episode word by word. By the time I was 16 I’m pretty sure I’d have watched every single episode of Friends AT LEAST 20 times. When I got older it got to the point where I would stop watching what was on the TV and just put on any season of Friends on the TV, and me and my sister would just watch from 5pm til 11pm nonstop. Once thing me and my sister have in common is our love for this show, and I’m sure when we are older and we talk about television we used to watch, both of us would reflect and say Friends was our favourite show.

Talking to other people my age about their experiences growing up watching television it highlighted to me how similar childhood’s we all had. Even the shows we don’t remember watching, when talking to someone and they explain it to you, you instantly click it back into your memory and you end up saying “OMG I REMEMBER THAT SHOW”.

However when I’d talk to someone older than me, in this case my father and my uncle Tommy, it was ALOT different. Firstly though it was more of a casual conversation rather than an interview. Soon after the tutorial I went home and talked to Dad and just brought up what TV shows he’d watch when he was younger was like. Similar, I had a chat to my uncle who lived in the same area as dad in the Phillipines, and asked him the same questions. What I noticed from them was that there was a lesser presence of kids shows. Both my dad and uncle said they would watch the A-Team and Tom Selleck action films. They both were big fans of the action movies of the time. The only kids television I heard from them was the live action Superman films. My uncle said that back then, action movies and shows with guns blazing, explosions and violence was what most teenagers were heavily into.

Comparing both my childhood experiences of watching television to their’s, it’s evident that I was more centred towards kids TV shows, but in time I developed a taste in more M rated programs when I reached 10, looking more towards action based film or television.

Project Pitch

In retrospect to this task of reflecting on television habits, an idea I have come up with for my project for this subject is a reflection on music habits. The idea of my project is a short video which focuses on how the environment and what someone is doing influences what music they choose to listen to.

For e.g
When on the train to uni I would listen to 80’s and 90’s ballads while I close my eyes and sleep
When I go for a run or to the gym I like to listen to hard rock, metal or hardstyle etc
When I’m working on assignments I like to listen to soft acoustic

With this video I will also integrate research on listening habits and statistics which would either support my habits or contrast it.

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