BCM241 Week 1: Media Spaces

Being a second year Communications and Media student, of course I’d have been exposed to a range of different media spaces. Such includes the recording studio for CAMS102, an art space for MEDA201, and the computer room in general for projects.

One experience that struck me in fact was before university, as in year 12 I did Industrial Multimedia as a subject, and for my final project I created a short film. After high school I deleted all traces of any school work I did so I couldn’t put any photos from the project, but my film was about a young teenager who showed symptoms of being mentally ill, having psychopathic thoughts. I used 3 of my friends to appear in the movie in return for me shouting them food after filming. We wrote the script and lines on the spot, I didn’t storyboard until the film was done, the filming wasn’t organised really. I just had an idea of a story, and just went for it.

While the film was dark in themes and the mood that was aimed for was dark. The actual filming process was absolutely hilarious. The film went for 5 minutes, but there must have been an hour and a half of outtakes of us just laughing at each other messing up our takes. Since we were all close friends, we just found hilarity, in each other acting. It came to the point where we’d say “Action” to start a scene and there’d already be someone laughing uncontrollably, which was both frustrating especially towards the closing in time to submit the film, but looking back, it was one of the most funniest experiences.

One specific filming memory was us doing a scene in the bushes close to our houses, but what I thought would be an incredibly easy scene of us just walking in the bushes, it turned out a lot harder than I’d expected. At first we decided to film in the afternoon, and it lasted a span of 2 hours. When I went to edit the film, the differences in lighting due to the sunsetting was a nightmare to the point where we had to reshoot the next day. On top of that, filming in the location we experienced running into a snake which had us shook and not want to go back there.

Filming for this project impacted me more than any media spaces as the experience has helped me know what to look out for during these uni projects I’ve had in the past 2 years which require filming.

The most important lesson I learned from this was:

If you want to make a solid film, with solid acting, with ease. DO NOT use your close friends. 

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