Cerebro AKA The Internet

In the X-men films, professor X uses a machine known as Cerebro, a device used to track and connect to all mutants telepathically anywhere around the world. Professor X is able to talk, read the minds and control the minds of not only mutants, but every human as shown throughout the films. Imagine a device like this that exists in the world.

While no minds are being directly controlled or read, the closest thing to this device is the internet. The internet connects to all of us, able to understand us through how we use the internet, able to control our activity by reading our cookies and able to influence our opinions. Another thing that is apparent is that the internet is connecting to not only humans, but can somehow connect to anything.

If Cerebro is the internet, who is Professor X? unfortunately it can be anyone, with any intention.

This means use of the internet could literally connect to anything, such as air conditions, fridges, cameras, watches, Antennaes, Television, hell I wouldn’t be surprised if it connected to chairs. Think about that, and then think about internet users who are capable of hacking and surveilling your every movement.

The Internet of Things, is a scary idea.


One thought on “Cerebro AKA The Internet

  1. It is scary to think that the internet is watching us all. With the constant ways in which we use it, just even for basic googling the fact that it is tracking everything shows how susceptible we are to it. great post!


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