“Filter it out” getting Filtered Out



This week  we were introduced to the idea of gatekeepers and gatewatchers in the internet.

Gatekeeper: Filters information

Gatewatcher: Observes the information flow

In the traditional form of journalism such as articles in newspapers and news broadcasting, the content that would be created were observed by the gatekeepers. These are the personnel who decides how content and information that is related to the story can be brought out to the public, or the gatewatchers, to ensure great and authentic quality articles.

However through our abilities as prosumers and consumers, and the presence of citizen journalism, the way content is filtered has slowly and slowly faded to the point we are at now, where any content can be posted and there is no filter of quality or appropriation

Journalism has changed from what it was many years ago before all these technological advancements; In the past authors publish at a cost and if content is not high quality, then you have no audience. Now there is no cost to publishing online, and there is no filter for quality

In the end the nature of journalism is summed up by what Ted said in the lecture:

“When information is scarce-content is everything
When it is abundant-coherence is everything”

2 thoughts on ““Filter it out” getting Filtered Out

  1. I actually love your meme so much- it’s hilarious! You have clearly defined the difference between Gatekeepers and Gatewatches. It’s interesting as more audiences shift from these media to the Web for their news, it is likely that they will experience this paradigm shift from gatekeeping to gatewatching. Maybe you could have added an example of citizen journalism or gatewatching to justify your statements, this article explores how twitter competes with established media: http://mastersofmedia.hum.uva.nl/blog/2012/02/24/twitter-vs-established-media-gatewatching-information-dissemination-and-occupylsx/


  2. I like how you’ve clearly identified the difference between gatekeepers and gatewatchers. It’s honestly not surprising for me to see that people are now switching from traditional media to the internet to read about news and events happening around the world. I know that i personally do, and its interesting to see how many people i know that partake in citizen journalism online and contribute to the influx of posts.


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