Apple vs Android

Ahhhh, here we are again, “Apple vs Android”. Another throwback to BCM112. The general idea is:


Apple: Closed off
Android: Free

Instead of essentially copying and pasting the blog I wrote for this in BCM112, I’m going to implement the idea of the walled garden from last week into this.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others all hold Walled Gardens, as they are centrally controlled, and all users of these platforms operate in the platforms own little world, otherwise known as the Walled garden. Not only is the idea relevant to social media platforms, but also to companies i.e Apple

It is clear when I examine my friendship group that Apple is the most popular product, out of 15 people I can think of that I’m friends with, only 2 own an Android phone, and the rest own Iphones. This leads me to think that the development of media today has shaped humans to rely on centrally controlled products or platforms rather than free? or maybe they just like Apple?

Apple has really created a Walled Garden for their products and users, as you can only sync music from Itunes into your Iphone, and connect the Apple Watch and now, the bluetooth Apple earphones for Bluetooth. While Android has some of these features, it has a lot more freedom in their products and applications to be able to be used more freely.

2 thoughts on “Apple vs Android

  1. It seems that Apple is the dominating brand everywhere you look – it’s rare in a lecture theatre or a classroom at university for students to be using anything other an a MacBook or an iPad. I think it’s more to do with the conditioning of society to believing that if you don’t own an Apple product you’re “uncool” than anything else. I’m not sure we think about it as a controlled platform but rather the mindset that “everyone else has one so I’ll get one too”. This article explains why people like Apple so much and might be interesting to you

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  2. Great post and meme! Very straightforward and informative examples, which made this an easy read as well as helping to gain a deeper understand on the positive and negative attributes of each device. Personally as Apple user I could never make the switch. As the brand there is not denying that the have revolutionised technology and the way we communicate , however when looking at an Android device, it’s freedom and lack of a ‘walled garden’ definitely makes choosing between the two a hard decision.
    Can’t wait to read more!


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