Global Film

Cinema and the art of filmmaking to many cultures are a detrimental part of their national identity. Through film they are able to express political and social issues within their country, as well as simply providing entertainment to their population. It is clear however that western influence is prominent in Global films, and this arguably seems to be just nature, as the roots of cinema are in Western culture. When one examines a film from another culture, there are clear aspects of the picture that would be found in a Western film, however done with the technological capabilities of the country.

Let’s take a look at Nollywood as an example. The term Nollywood refers to the Nigerian film industry which is the third largest film industry in the world. It’s emergence dates back to the early 1990’s. Nigerian films are never showed in Cinemas as they are all made straight to video. What is so unique about Nollywood films is that they are able to produce full length pictures in a a small amount of time. “Small amount of time” in Hollywood would be deemed 3 months give or take, while Nigerian filmmakers have from days to 2 weeks. Thirty new films are delivered to Nigerian shops and market’s every week. That is a significant amount especially when you think about how many new hollywood movies come out monthly.

Here are some trailers for some popular films:

When watching these two trailers, the influence of Western cinema is clear, but still the film is an embodiment of their culture through the setting as well as the political and social situations.


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