What’s globally trending on social media at the moment? the olympics? the dab…still? The Running man (Can it die already)? Donald Trump? Taylor Swift vs Kanye (Team Swift all the way). Trending topics are simply popular things going on at the moment which have caught global attention through social media. This is globalisation.

Examples of this is the US presidential race which has particularly placed the spotlight on Donald Trump. Over social media there is high level of interest when it comes to Donald Trump, whether it’d be people in the comments section of every article digging into him or even some people who create videos which attempt to praise him and persuade the public to relate to his ideals. Which ever side you are on, it is clear that his presence has sparked global interest and to an extent is shaping the global community as they form opinion based on fact. I honestly care more about my girl Tay Tay beating  the social media battle against Kanye, but let’s move on.

However social media is only but a small part of globalisation as a whole.

Globalisation is based on the international population being shaped by technological advancements and development as well as social, political, economical and religious influence on society. Other examples is the stock market, the price of oil, natural disasters, terrorist activities, political advancements, and pretty much anything you hear in the news. All in which shape the world we live in today for better or worse.


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