Knowledge is Power, Power is Networks

Power is the driving force which alters and transform the shape and direction of the network society, and power is located within the networks which shape society

What does this mean?

First off let’s look at the meaning of “Networks”: A group or system of interconnected people or things. Networks is all about connections, and in relation to the network society, it indeed holds the key to power. For example networked businesses and companies are a lot more successful than those whom are independent. Think about how the big grocers are more successful than local fruit and vegetable companies who use their own resources in every aspect of business. It’s simply how a business networks which allows it to expand, grow and succeed.


In relation to the network society and media, the key to power”is located in the networks that structure society. Or, rather, in what I propose to call the ‘switchers’; that is, the mechanisms connecting or disconnecting networks on the basis of certain programmes or strategies”. It’s how technology and media connect to other aspects of society such as political, social, religion etc.

Simply, “networks are the underlying structure of our lives.”

In a society where the technological paradigm is the central medium for social organisation, it is clear that networks are a highly dominant presence within the population which shape the world today



 Castells, M. (2004) ‘Afterword: why networks matter’. In Network Logic: Who governs in an interconnected world? (pp. 221-224)File

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