Human Fax Machine

  • What is the picture faxed (title of work, name of artist, ? Who is the artist? 
  • How does the artist ‘code’ the information in the line/ abstract drawing/ prints? For example, what information is being omitted? What is being retained? What determines this process? 
  • Describe how your encoding process work.
    We had a small box with nails in them. The noises we would transmit were simply shaking the box, hitting it against the table or dropping it on the floor. We utilised a code in which combinations of shakes would determine how long a line is and the direction. Certain shapes such as circles we made clear code for such as dropping it. A long shake meant the end or start. A bang on a table followed by a second bang determines the distance of a line, so the wider the gap between the bangs, the longer the line.
  • Detail the rationale for the way you designed the code. For example, what elements have you chosen to encode (e.g. lines, shapes, points, directions, distances, units etc.) and why.
    The shakes would essentially determine the line, direction and shape based ona  combination of shakes, the bangs would determine the length of the line or shape. Certain shapes like circles or squares had a combination of their own which made it easier
  • Describe your transmission process. For example, what are the protocols you establish when transmitting the fax?
    A long shake meant the start and end of a singular code, two bangs on a table determines the length of the line. The receivers would simply bang on the table if they didn’t catch a message.
  • What works particularly well in transmitting the information?
    The end result was a complete failure as what was conveyed by the noise wasn’t interpreted correctly and as a result an abstract shape was created.
  • What doesn’t work at all?
    We thought  by making it as simple as possible that it’d work well however this was not the case, and with all the other noise of other groups occurring at the same time, nothing was interpreted correctly at all. At the most, one or two lines of the artwork was correct.
  • What more is needed to make the transmission work?
    A better code to be made, louder noise or to complement, more silence in the room.

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