Visual Telegraph, Mediation and Communication-Week 1

During the first tutorial of Meda102 we were given a task wherein we formed a group of 3, researched a type of visual telegraph, and then were to construct our own visual code. The tutor then gave us a message that we’d have to communicate through our code to another group and vice versa.

Our group was first to deliver the message to the other group and to our liking, they understood it perfectly and when we regrouped with them they only got one letter wrong. When it was our turn however, we misunderstood the decoding guide and got their’s completely wrong. When we regrouped with them, we understood our mistake and was a lot clearer when they explained it.

What I feel works very well is making physical movements to convey a message based as it is clearer to see. Our main problem was seeing the writing on the piece of paper from the other group from a distance. Of course, what works well is simplicity, and the more simple it is, the better.

The most difficult aspect was decoding for our group as we misunderstood how to decode it, as well as actually reading the message.

What could have been done to make the transmission better is utilising larger paper if the messages were being conveyed through writing. Another is a clearer visual code which both our groups could have used.

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