remixin it up

A very important part of music history is the rise of digital technology in the late 1980’s to allow sounds to be converted into data and store it as computer information.

Digital audio today is the dominant form of music recording and production. In the “digital world” in music, sounds are simply represented as numbers in the form of a binary system. With this capability to digitally produce music digitally, musicians or producers are able to sample previously recorded pieces of music and sounds and be able to edit it. Not only is remixing relevant to music, but to remixing footage as well. Anyone has the capability to do it such as me. Here is a video remix I made on Imovie:

Those issues aside, I feel remix culture and sampling is an important part of today’s music as there is a diverse range of abilities we are now able to grasp in creating music, and the youth culture of today who are exposed to night life and parties are immersed in these remixes to offer new experiences of songs in the form of these remixes.



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