Packed To The Crafters

The art of craft making has throughout the years opened a wide range of jobs and lifestyles that didn’t exist only a decade ago. Craft and digital making and the success of what is created ultimately relies on the process undertaken and the appeal of the product itself. Thus anyone can really be considered a craft maker if attempted, however success is no guarantee.

Throughout the process the makers have to take many things into consideration such as the appeal of the product, the function, how long it will be relevant and how similar they are to other products.

Here is an example of a piece of digital craft I created, I played guitar in a hardcore band from sydney called Clockworks and this is a song we released
(Brace your ears if you do listen to it, it aint soft and easy to the ears aha)

The obvious examples of craft makers are film makers, artists, musicians and gaming developers. These are the most popular types of craft makers that society are familiar with for the reason that the media they are creating are those that appeal to the interests of the wider community.




4 thoughts on “Packed To The Crafters

  1. I feel as though your post gives a basic insight into the idea of craft making. However I think this could be expanded on through the use of a specific example and sources relating to craft making rather than just touching on several forms briefly. Your title is catchy and I believe this could form the basis of a stronger blog post backed up by evidence rather than just touching on several aspects.


  2. Hey Ryan,
    Love the title hahaha.
    This topic has a lot of potential and I feel like you could add a lot more detail to your post. You’ve spoken a lot about the process of makers craft making.. It’d be cool to expand on the different design processes that the different kinds of craft makers employ and maybe show some examples of this – like a comparison between the measures undertaken by filmmakers and game developers. Goodwork though 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Ryan,
    Loved the title! I can’t help but feel that the title is a reference to the great hardcore vocalist Michael Crafter?! Maybe you could have gone into a bit more depth but overall great post! By the way loved your band, didn’t you play alongside Ellen Subway?
    -Marc Bianco


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