Will You Be My Audience?

The ever changing and evolving nature of technology in the media has paved the way the audience interacts with different media platforms and as a result have altered the audience’s role in media.

The audience are no longer just consumers, as the nature of the converging media has allowed the audience to also become the prosumers. We are all given the ability to create and produce content which can be viewed by audiences who also have the ability to produce content.

Audiences can make articles, blogs, youtube videos and music to be open to be viewed by an audience. Messages or content are no longer strictly able to be produced and then heard exclusively by big companies through different platforms such as TV news or online articles on the Daily Telegraph.

People are able to express themselves online and showcase their talent in whatever form of art making there is to get their work out there. Some of the world’s biggest stars today were not long ago just making videos over youtube or filming cheap home mad films before being discovered and catapulted into stardom. Others don’t get so lucky and probably just get roasted on the comment section.


Thus it is obvious that the role of the audience as a result of media convergence has allowed for people to not only play the role as the consumer, but also the prosumer.

2 thoughts on “Will You Be My Audience?

  1. Your blog is very clear, simple, and succinct. I liked your point that advancements in technology have changed and altered the way that audiences interact with various media platforms and therefore altered the role of audience’s in media. We live in an era where anyone and everyone have the ability to voice their opinion, so I definitely agree when you say that audiences are not only consumers but also prosumers.
    One suggestion is you could have added hyperlinks into your post or even a reference list to show that you’ve done further research or read the this weeks provided readings.
    Although images would make your post more visually appealing (though I understand its not an easy topic to find images on), I think your post was able to deliver a straightforward message on the way audiences interact with media platforms 🙂

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  2. Hey Ryan,
    I’m divulging back through blogs and I found this piece you wrote. First of all, I’d like to compliment your skilled writing style, being so clear and non-convoluted. This is definitely a strength as I’d prefer to read a short piece of writing that gets to the point quickly, opposed to something that drags on and takes forever to get to its conclusion.
    My only suggestion would be to include pictures/further “colourful” content in your future blogs, but I’ve seen you’ve already done this so props to you! Reading through your blog has been great and I’m sure you’ll succeed further in this subject!

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