What does Media Convergence Mean To Me?

First off, it took me ages to actually understand what the term “Media Convergence” meant. So off the bat what it means to me is a whole lot of confusion and head scratching. But after searching up in the net the meaning which is: “the merging of mass communication outlets – print, television, radio, the Internet along with portable and interactive technologies through various digital media platforms”

I now understand.

So this blog posts delves into what the convergence of media today means to me. How it affects me. What I like. What I dislike. How I have experienced it. What I think about it.

Media convergence has allowed for a range of entirely new forms of content to emerge from industries, services and work practices. With the development of technologies in different platforms and mediums, we are able to have access to a wide array of different media, as well as live in a world that media technologies have in a lot of cases, made easier and more convenient. The converging media has allowed for media professionals to display content through different mediums which results in more people seeing it. It allows for the audience to connect and be more involved in media which enhances the way they experience it

A personal aspect of the converging media that I like and appreciate is how artists can share their work. Being in a band myself and releasing music, it is obvious that without the converging media being what it is, our music would’ve had no way of reaching the attention of as much people as it did. Another aspect everyone who uses social media can appreciate is the ability to share our lives online through being able to post photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites.

Some disadvantages that I have observed from the convergence of media is how the ever changing and evolving technologies make it hard for people with a lack of knowledge and skill to take advantages of this new media. In the same light, the changing and evolving technologies make it easier for people to create media which may be in poor taste (e.g Rubbish music).

All in all, I do feel that media convergence is indeed a vital part of the ever changing world and has a mostly positive impact on the media and how we as an audience interact with it.

2 thoughts on “What does Media Convergence Mean To Me?

  1. This is a really succinct and to the point post Ryan, which is great when reading about a theme that can be tough to understand. I also enjoy your clear point in expressing what media convergence means to you, “A personal aspect of the converging media that I like and appreciate is how artists can share their work. Being in a band myself…”. I think this is a great example of media convergence and the positivity it can bring moving forward into the future. Again, this is well written, I am looking forward to reading more posts from you.


  2. Its great that you started off with a good definition for those who don’t understand it! You have communicated the concept of media quite well. A meme or video however may help you further reinforce your ideas. The personal influence about you being in a band helped my understanding of how media convergence can have a positive impact in our ever changing society and allow everyone to connect. Your balanced argument about media convergence is a great summary of some of the positives and negatives about the topic. I reckon maybe a link to an article or something would further cement the point you are conveying, but overall this was really good!


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