Fight Of the Century: Apple vs Android

Everyone living in 1st world communities have constant access to the internet through different mediums such as laptops, computers and phones. Throughout the years these gadgets have evolved with the times as seen with the new features in phones and more. However, how we, the consumers, interact with these media platforms is determined all by the companies. A large component to what influences a company to set restrictions or control our use of content is money. The companies which create media of similar or the same platform are often pitted against each other as they are constantly being compared. A significant factor which contributes to the success of the item is the companies ideologies and how they restrict the consumers.

A popular example of this is the Apple vs Android debate.

Apple places many restrictions on users such as that it’s customisability is extremely limited unless jailbroken, whilst Android has a more open system and is highly customisable. Android is open source and is the world’s most commonly used smartphone whilst IOS system is exclusively for Iphone. Androids have multiple device manufacturers such as Google, LG, Motorola and Sony, while Apple devices are only manufactured by Apple inc. Applications in Androids are distributed by Google Play, and other companies such as Amazon and Getjar while applications in the Iphone are only by the Apple store.

In summary the Android system is substantially more open to consumers, allowing them to have many freedoms and sought’s to involve them in their ideology. Apple is closed off, not allowing many freedoms to the consumer in terms of customisation or distributing media through that platform and the company more forces the consumer into their ideology rather than freely involve.

Whilst there is no clear winner of the Iphone vs Android debate, in my observations and through asking many sources of people, the common device that is mostly present in our friendship groups is indeed the Iphone.




One thought on “Fight Of the Century: Apple vs Android

  1. Hey Ryan, it was really good seeing you at the tutorial. I love the way you write and how you explain things so well! I like how at the end you had your own opinion based on the consultation of your peers. Keep up the good work for your next posts!

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