Media Texth

All forms of media texts can be seen and interpreted. An image can spark certain feelings upon someone when it is viewed. These meanings behind media texts can vary between each individual as an image may evoke feelings which stems from one’s childhood or experiences and the same image may not provide much meaning to another individual.

The most successful texts, most notably in magazines or advertisements are the ones which can evoke certain feelings to a target audience or even a wider range of audiences. This is where semiotics come in. Meaning in media texts has two components; signifiers which is the object or word within an image or text that evokes meaning and feelings, and the signified which is the meaning or feeling itself which is evoked to the viewer. Observe the image below.

To the general public, an image of Mike Tyson can evoke an opinion of him being a brutal, ruthless, rude, controversial and merciless individual who bites ears and sought’s to rip his opponents heart out and eat their children. The media’s representation of Mike Tyson throughout his career has always illustrated him as a tough fighter who is notorious for brutally knocking out his opponent and later on being a coke addict and convicted rapist. His history with the media have cemented this representation of him to an audience whenever an image or video of him is seen.

However the above image can capture contrasting feelings and opinions towards Mike. In the image he is gently grasping two birds in his hands and looking at them with care and happiness. The connotations of this image forces the viewer to consider the idea that the ruthless and brutal Iron Mike may be a sweet and kind individual hiding behind the facade and image that the media has lead the world to believe His facial expression displays his adoration and care for these birds, as if they were his children, showing his tender and gentle side. The environment he is in which is a park contrasts with the bright Vegas lights and casinos where Mike would be found partying further adds to the feeling that Mike has a side to him which prefers a relaxed and natural environment compared to the glamorous city life.

This image goes to show how media texts can connote ideas which add meaning to an image to the viewer

3 thoughts on “Media Texth

  1. Hey Ryan! Interesting choice of text, very different from the others which is good
    You explained the whole semiotics thing very well but the only thing I would suggest is somehow shorten the sentences. Some are a little long and maybe just need to be broken up a little.
    Other than that it was a great post, short and easy to understand. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this blog post man. The image perfectly matches what you are talking about and it all makes sense in context. Keep up the good work. The title is amazing (amathing – if I can add to the pun) as well


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