Media Audiences

An audience can react in different ways to what they are being exposed to. Observe the above clip. Throughout the video we see a range of different reactions from the audience ranging from laughter to confusion. It also shows the different ways people engage such as dancing or simply sitting back having a smoke. But most importantly, it shows why Chris Tucker is the king.

It is year 2016. The Iphone 7 is rumoured to be released late this year, Batman vs Superman and other superhero films are soon to premiere, Donald Trump somehow is winning the presidential race, Shannon Noll has made a resurgence in popularity and Chris Tucker or Jackie Chan are yet to confirm the production of a much needed Rush Hour 4.

It is clear that in this day of age, the media and it’s countless forms is a central part of our culture.

But with the media being an important and vital part of today’s society, like everything, it can provide many anxieties and problems which affect the social wellbeing of the modern world. Such include the internet being a platform for online bullying, television being a factor for why people aren’t getting enough exercise or going out more, people would rather message over Facebook than communicate in person, fast food advertisements which contribute to the growing percentage of obese people, video games influencing violent mindsets for the youth and exposing kids to mature content, the list goes on and on.

Throughout the past century, there have been many examples of the media and it’s influence having a deadly affect on society. These include the Columbine school shootings being linked to a scene from The Basketball Diaries, the murder of Gina Castillo being influenced by the murders in the film Scream and a Guns n Roses song which opens with the line “I used to love her, but I had to kill her” being downloaded by a man only hours before he killed his wife. These examples however are only a minority of the negative effects of media on the audience.  Links to the articles on these are below.

The media has the power to manipulate the audience in a range of ways. The anxieties in regards to the media audience and media forms are a result of it’s negative effects. To counteract this, the media can also recognise these anxieties and bring awareness through different ways such as through music, advertisements, movies etc. So in regards to that, what is the solution to all these anxieties? In my opinion, the media itself is the solution



Columbine shootings and Basketball Diaries

Gina Castillo murder-

Guns n Roses song used in court case


One thought on “Media Audiences

  1. Hey Ryan!
    I love your opening link. Rush Hour 2 is one of my favourite movies and the way in which you incorporated it was perfect. Who would’ve thought Chris Tucker could be used in such a way! I really appreciated your use of real world examples in regards to what you were saying. It went beyond the theoretic and made your article feel real and grounded, this is definitely a feature you should keep up. I really appreciated your writing style as well, it was a great mix of serious and humorous that engaged me. Keep em coming man!


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