The Medium Is The What?

The Medium Is The What?

“When you get a message…it’s the message that’s the message”

Throughout history the message has always been delivered through some sort of medium. The Nazis under Hitler used all sorts of mediums to express their ideals such as in newspaper articles, cartoons, radio and speeches. Similarly with the addition of television interviews, Donald Trump also uses these different mediums to express his ideas. No comparison whatsoever….

Enter “The Medium is The Message”, an idea conceived and expressed by Marshall Mcluhen

My understanding is that the medium itself outweighs the message they convey through the audiences experience. An article in a newspaper, a Tv news report, on an internet thread and a radio podcast, all expressing the same message in the same wording provide an audience each with a different experience. An internet article allows an audience to comment and interact as well as radio which allows listeners to call voicing their opinions. A newspaper article provides audiences with printed wording to allow them to take in information through reading. Television and podcasts allow viewers to listen and visually grasp the messages.

As an audience delves into different mediums, their interactions with the message changes, which as a result changes the message itself.




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