Why am I here?

Yo my name is Ryan Catbagan, I’m a typical filo kid with a big mouth and a love to party. I am 18 years old and I live in the shire.

What kind of person am I? I’m that mate who says he’ll have a quiet night in on a weekend and then end up having a big night anyway. I’m that mate who says he’ll shout you food and always end up being short on cash. I’m that mate who would always be 10 minutes late to everything. I’m that mate who just says horrendous things too loud in the worst possible situations. You probably get the point.

I am here at uni in my first year doing Bachelor of Communications and Media. I chose this pathway because I suck at everything else.

My interests include watching films, writing music, and exercise. I watch all kinds of films that range as early as the 1940s up to now. I listen to all kinds and genres of music ranging from Pop to Hardcore to Rap to 80s classics. I’ve been playing and writing music for a few years, played in a few bands and now just been covering songs on my Soundcloud. My love of film and music as well as an appreciation of all arts and creating media have influenced me to choose this course which I am partaking now…and the fact I suck at everything else so I was going to be stuck with this anyway

I am still trying to figure out what exactly I want to do in the future after I finish this degree, but I do know it will have to do with some sort of media art. And I just want to have fun.

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